Eight Auspicious Abundance A 八宝礼盒 A


  • Rotazio Merlot (Wine of Australia) 750ml, 1 botl
  • 紫藤水仙乌龙茶 Purple Cane Shui Xian Oolong Tea, 1 box
  • 龙马标清汤鲍鱼 Dragon Horse Brand Abalone In Brine 425g, 1 can
  • 龙马标红烧龙皇鲍 Dragon Horse Brand Braised King Top Shell Slices 425g, 1 can
  • 悦喜桂花燕窝饮 Happiness Bird’s Nest Drink With Sweet Osmanthus 200ml, 1 botl
  • 精选贡枣片 Premium Red Dates Slice 110g, 1 can
  • 精选茶花菇 Premium Tea Mushroom 110g, 1 can
  • 幸福罐罐年饼 Mika Premium CNY Cookies 120g, 1 can
  • Delivery process lead-time is min. 4 working days.
  • Available for delivery to street addresses within mainland Peninsular and Penang Island only.

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