Due to the coming Raya celebration, orders made from now on will only be delivered from 28th May onwards.

Keluarga Tersayang


  • Fomec’s Pure Honey 560g, 1 botl
  • Ferrero Rocher T24, 1 box
  • Chivers Fruit Jam 340g, 1 unit
  • Italy Loacker Minis 12’s, 1 box
  • LifeCious Berry Essence 42ml x 3, 1 box
  • LifeCious California Prune Essence 42ml x 3, 1 box
  • Davidoff Café Rich Aroma Premium 8’s, 1 box
  • Gova Dark Chocolate 70g, 1 unit
  • Mika Premium Raya Cookies & Delight 110g, 1 can
  • Mika Lemon Drop Cookies 100g, 1 box
  • Bonda’s Buah Kurma 200g, 1 box
  • Bonda’s Rendang Paste 150g, 1 box
  • Exquisite Greeting Card, 1 pc
  • Available for delivery to street addresses within mainland Peninsular and Penang Island only.

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