Smiles & Laughter 笑口常开


  • 汽泡香槟 Valentino Sparkling Drink 750ml, 1 botl
  • 香酥鱼肉豆饼 Fish Flavoured Bean Crackers 85g, 1 box
  • 杏仁酥 Almond Cookies 75g, 1 box
  • 椰子酥 Boro Kuih Bangkit 100g, 1 can
  • 丹麦奶油曲奇 Danish Butter cookies 80g, 1 box
  • 水果巧克力 Gova Fruity Chocolate 60g, 1 box
  • 巧克力威化卷 Chocolate Wafer Rolls 50g, 2 boxes
  • 野山人参糖 Ginseng Candy 70g, 1 box
  • 妙妙辣香料味酥 Miaow Miaow Flavoured Snacks 55g, 1 can
  • 精美贺卡 Exquisite Greeting Card, 1 pc
  • Available for delivery to street addresses within mainland Peninsular and Penang Island only.

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