Snowy Moon Cakes 冰皮月饼

Available flavours
Best Seller
Snowy Musang King Moon Cake 雪皮猫山王
RM 15.50 /pc
Snowy Yam Moon Cake 雪皮香芋
RM 12.50 /pc
Snowy Mango Moon Cake 雪皮芒果
RM 12.50 /pc
Snowy Azuki Moon Cake 雪皮红豆
RM 11.50 /pc
Snowy Matcha Moon Cake 雪皮绿茶
RM 12.50 /pc
Must Try
Snowy Cranberry Yoghurt Moon Cake 雪皮蔓越莓优格
RM 13.50 /pc
1 unit cooler bag for every 4pcs of Snowy Moon Cakes
(may mix flavours)
  • Only available at Mika Outlets.
  • Not available for online purchase.

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