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In a land where babies come from, three fairies are tasked to make sure newborns arrive in the arms of their parents safe and sound. When a baby boy or girl celebrates her first full moon, the three fairies will bless the newborn with three important gifts.

The Health Fairy gives the gift of health. She makes sure newborns grow up strong and powerful so that they can take on the world without fear.

The Wisdom Fairy offers her pearls of wisdom. Through her wise guidance, babies are blessed with intelligence to succeed not just in school but in all areas of life as well.

The Happiness Fairy bestows every baby with a happy and loving heart so that they can choose to do good, be good and feel good all the time.

Finally, the Magic Unicorn, the Fairies’ precious pet, also joins in to ensure that the baby’s life is safe, sound and smooth sailing.

With the blessings from these three fairies, life blossoms into a journey of joy, abundance and love for every newborn.

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